Mercury In Retrograde

Today was a long day. God if you can hear me, thank you for allowing me to help people with their suffering, if that's too much for you God, thank you allowing me to continue on this long road of talking to people everyday each having different struggles, but all wanting the same they thing they think that everybody else has and that's love. Help them see that their love is everywhere and that they are thinking too much! But everybody wants the right person. That's kinda hard and I wonder why it appears that it's so easy for so many, but so elusive for others at the same time. Please help them.

This is my public diary, I know my audience, but at the same time I feel the need to express myself. Somedays I will be more articulate, other days I might not make any sense at all, but trust me there is a method to the way.

Mercury is in retrograde starting yesterday and I'm sure you have read everything there is under the sun on it over the internet (or not), but I have made many positive predictions regarding these retrogrades especially for relationships or connections of the past. It's a pretty intense time, but honestly if you have somebody from your past who you still have feelings for now is actually a good time to reach out. Most likely you're just hoping he or she just calls or texts you, which has a greater likelihood of success under these influences. But I'm not an astrologer. I can tell you from experience that I get a lot more callers who call out of the blue during these transits.

I'm going to be asking this question a lot, but do you think I should bring back my radio show? I have to have callers who are willing to wait in line to be live on air to get their reading. Please let me know if this is something that you would be willing to commit to because without the caller I can't have a show. Having said that I would like the format to be two or three psychics talking and giving readings. But yours truly will always be there.


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